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16 Different Fishing Reels Accessories – Ultimate List

Different types of fishing reels and rods.

Fishing reel accessories help bring your fishing reel to life. With the right accessories, you can catch a variety of saltwater and freshwater fish.  Before you get too excited about catching the distinctive types of fish in the sea, you need to think about protecting your reel. You can expect some damage to your reel if you do not have adequate storage or protective cover. Below are some of the best fish reel covers, and how they measure up.

Depending on the type of fishing reel you have, you can find some great fishing reel covers and accessories. Fisherman’s Headquarters You can choose from brands like Penn, Shimano, Plano, Fin Strike, Spro, Mustad, Tsunami, and more.

Fishing Reel Accessories

1. Plano Reel Covering CoAnchor

Plano PLAB11700 KVD Worm Speedbag, Black/Grey/Red, Small (holds 20 worm bag)

The Plano PLAB11700 KVD Worm Speedbag is found on Amazon for a reasonable price. It holds tackle bait for fishing and comes with a 4.5-star rating from 2,747 users. The Plano can hold twenty magnum bags and provides easy access to what is inside. The TPE coating ensures that the bag provides water-resistant protection, and its bright red color enhances low visibility, especially for night fishing. The bag stands at 6.25 inches, with a length of 9.5 inches, and a side handle is attached for easy transport. You can take your worm speedbag and bait any place you know fish are biting.

2. Lee’s Tackle Rod and Reel Hanger Set

Lee's Tackle Rod and Reel Hanger Set.

Individualized to fit big game reels. Lee’s Tackle Rod and Reel Hanging Set are designed to accommodate mounted reels in three positions: upright, vertical, and horizontal. The nylon ring rotates to lock the reel, while the tip of the rod locks the end of the set. This set is compatible with Dual, Penn, Shimano, and many other reels. It is only available in gold from this merchant. The set is available at:

3. Plano Reel Locker

Plano Reel Locker on a white background.

Want to store and transport more than one type of fishing rod? The Plano reel locker provides extra protection for you to protect your reels and accessories during transport. The foam padded interior has an interlocking feature that provides cushiony padding, while the removable soft felt dividers offer individual storage. The handles are padded for ease of carrying and handling, and the shoulder straps are removable. This customized Plano Guide Series Reel Locker is available at:

4. Shimano Fishing Reel Lubricant

Blakemore Real Magic Lubricant.

The key to keeping your fishing line working fine all the time is in the lubricant. A well-lubricated line ensures that you can cast your line without fear of it breaking and getting entangled. When lines are dry, they can cause corrosion, making them vulnerable to damage. Weak lines tend to snap under pressure because they are not strong enough to hold the weight on the other end of the pole. If you want a lubricant that is not saturated, non-sticking, non-staining, odorless, and is great for freshwater and saltwater fishing, click on the link above. The lubricant starts can be found on:

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5. Shimano Butterfly Fla Fall Jig

Shimano Butterfly Fla Fall Jig on a white background.

The Shimano Butterfly Flat Fall Jigs add a new dimension to butterfly jigging. The lure can be used when you are free spooling toward your desired target. You can crank your spool, and cast your lure up to thirty feet, before free spooling it again. If you are an angler, you can maneuver the jig, let it fall down, and wait for your bait to bite. The Shimano Butterfly Flat Fall Jigs are available on the:

6. Shimano Spinning Reel Covers

Shimano Fishing

Source: Shimano Fishing

The Bhaltair Reel Bag is newly designed. It is available in three sizes, and it comes with an optional detachable shoulder strap for easy carrying, adjusting, and removing. The padded interior provides an extra layer of protection for individual reels. The dividers are custom-made to ensure each reel is protected during transport and storage. The sides are constructed from durable materials to absorb the force of bumping and prevent damage.

Depending on which state you live in, you can find the Bhaltair at Dick’s Outdoor Sports, Academy Sports, Outdoors, and Dick’s Sporting goods. If you are an avid online shopper, you can get this product from:

7. Penn Power Handle

Penn Power Handle on a white background.

The Jigging World power handle for the Penn Squall 300 and Fathom 300 Low Profile Reels, helps you to catch the bigger prizes in the ocean. Not only is it attractive. But it is lightweight. It has an ergonomic handle knob, it is made from the highest quality of steel, it is rust-resistant, anodized with aluminum-alloy components, and it is a direct replacement power handle for aluminum, offset arm, and 39mm EVA knob.

8. Power Handle for Daiwa Lexa

Saltwater fishing is quite popular for most amateur and experienced fishers. Having the right bait is great, but having the right accessories is even better. Sometimes a new fishing reel can be difficult to hold on to.

Trying to catch the fish, baiting the hook, and casting the line in the water, takes practice. Depending on which type of fish you are trying to catch, you need a handle with a powerful, non-slip grip that you can hold on to at all times.

With a gigantic fish hooked on the end of the line, the surest way to lose it is to lose your grip. A huge fish can put up a fight, and without the right angle, you will lose the battle. This powerful handle with its beefy EVA foam-made grip is available in silver or black, and it is easy to bolt, so you can replace your old handle. It is available from:

Tackle World for $49.99

9. Reaction Tackle High-Quality Braided Fishing Line

Reaction Tackle High-Quality Braided Fishing Line.

It is all in the line. Whether you can hold on to the smallest fish or the largest fish in the pond depends on the strength of your line. The Reaction Tackle fishing line is made from the world’s strongest fiber, UHMWPE. The line is coated for endurance, durability, and exceptional strength. Whether you are fishing for salt or freshwater fish, you need a line that can hold the weight and stand up to the stress. Large fish are put on fishing lines. Best of all, you are not stuck with one color. You can choose from a variety of colors, and you can change your line any time you like. This line comes in lengths of 150 yds, 300 yds, 500 yds, 1000 yds. and 1500 yds, and is found in the following:

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10. Reel Gripper

Reel Gripper on a white background.

Have you ever caught a gigantic fish and lost it because you could not get a good grip on your fishing reel? This has happened to quite a few anglers, but here is the good news. The Reel Gripper provides you with the best grip, and you can have two for the price of one. Slippery hands are responsible for lots of missed meals if you rely on the sea to feed you. The Scheel reel grip comes in four vibrant colors, is made from a non-slip rubber finish, and comes in a set of two. Scheels Reel Grip is available on:

11. Leeda Forceps Curved

Leeda Forceps Curved on a white background.

Holding on to the catch of your life can be devastating without the right fishing line and bait. There comes a time when you need to cut away the access line or lose your grasp. The Leeda lets you trim your line after you have pulled up your catch. Large fish can become entangled in the line, making it difficult to release them from the line. Regardless of which angle you catch your fish, you always have access to the line. Hooks normally get stuck inside the fish’s mouth or other parts of the body. Instead of wasting time trying to unravel your catch, get away from the line. It is just that simple. The Leeda Forceps Curved is available at:

12. Wire and Cable Cutter

The Tri-Shear wire and cable can cut through one or more strands of wire and cable. The wire and cable cutter has passed the ultimate test of cutting through 600 lbs. of durable wire and cable. Fraying and crimping are not a problem with this accessory. Like most lines that fray or separate when you cut the line, the Tri-Shear does the opposite. Every cut is smooth and even. Thick strands are sharp and pointy and can cause injury to your fingers and hands. It is available at:

Innovative Fishing Tackle for the prices listed below

  • The large shear (5-0 in) is $69.99
  • The small (4 ½ in) is $59.99
  • Each requires a $7.00 shipping charge.

13. Toma Repair Kit for Baitcasting Reels

Toma Repair Kit for Baitcasting Reels.

Source: Sport Fishing Magazine

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No fishing trip is complete without a repair kit. Lines are always breaking, fraying, and separating. This is the time when you need a top-of-the-line repair kit that can get you back to fishing. The Toma repair kit is great for fishing lines that you use for saltwater fishing. You save money when you fix your own fishing line. You can be creative and add your own weights and line thickness, creating the perfect fishing line for catching massive fish. The Toma Repair kit is available at

14. Ghost Drag Bait Running Release

GhostDrag Bait Running Release - Single Pack (1)

Do you have a bait line that will not scare your fish, but keep them on the hook? The Ghost Drag Bait Running Release is an instant solution. It snaps onto your fishing rod by forcing the arms around the flexible rod’s handle. This flexibility allows you to adjust the tension on your line. Once the fish grabs the bait, the reel will begin tightening on its own, and the fish is caught, without a hassle or fuss.

There is no hardware to install, and nothing so complicated that you cannot do it yourself. You are able to customize your own fishing experience. This tool is small, lightweight, durable, and flexible, and it is resistant to high and low temperatures, making it the ideal accessory that you should not leave home without. This release accessory and a similar one are available at:

  • Amazon starts at $19.99 with a $4.99 delivery fee.
  • All Tackle starts at $19.99

15. DFP super Clamps

DFP SUPER CLAMP on a white background.

You might not have a specific fishing reel you can, and if you need to replace parts, which can be a problem. However, with the DFP Super Clamps, you can attach them to any fishing reel. The DFP super clamp is universal, meaning it is compatible with more than forty fishing reels on the market today. The clamps are made from the same billet aluminum materials found in aircraft.

The clamp can be mounted or removed from your fishing reel, without removing any screws. The clamp is adjustable to fit small, medium, or large fishing reels, and the 3D machine textured clamp on the bottom secures your rod’s surface to eliminate the line twisting while you are pulling up your catch. The DFP Super Clamps are available at:

16. Daiwa Casting Rod

Daiwa Ardito-Travel Rods

Changing rods in the middle of fishing is not fun at all. The Daiwa Ardito-TR Travel Casting/Spinning Rod is a 2-in-1, on-the-go fishing rod for fishers on the go. You need to be where the fish are biting, and time is on your time if you have the right fishing rod. This combination rod makes it easy for you to switch from casting and spinning with only one rod.

The rod comes in six separate pieces, it sets up in seconds, and it is adjustable. The advanced V-flex ferrule joint system features an advanced X45 Bias Graphite design that strengthens the line, engages hook-setting power, and it comes in a portable travel case. The Daiwa Casting Rod is available at: