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8 Different Fishing Boat Accessories – Ultimate List

Fishing boat with different types of accessories.

Fishing accessories are a necessary part of the fisherman’s livelihood. You cannot expect to catch a fish without the right bait, and you certainly cannot get away with not having the proper equipment. The fishing accessories you need will depend on several factors. The size of the boat, and whether you are going freshwater or saltwater fishing, or if you are going ski boating.

There are so many water activities that you can enjoy, and you want to be safe doing them. When you decide what tools and accessories you need you can choose them from the ultimate list below.

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1. Boat Drain Plug

If you ever feel like you are sinking, you probably are. Forgetting to utilize the drain plug can lead to serious consequences. The drain plug keeps water from filling up in your boat, and it also keeps your boat afloat. When the boat is not moving the drain flapper remains tightly sealed. If your current drain plug is not sealing the drain hole in your boat like it is designed to do.

Automatic Flapper Drain Plug Set.

Source: West Marine

You can get a compatible replacement. The Automatic Flapper Drain Plug Set is available for sale online at for $17.99 and up depending on the dynamics.

Rubber is a reusable and versatile element that has hundreds of uses. The Cam Action Rubber Drain Plug has various uses on a boat. Rubber stretches, which means that it expands in any direction. Drain plugs made from rubber and neoprene are excellent when utilized in items like buoyancy tanks, live well tanks found on small thru-hulls, and day sailboats.

Rubber Drain Plugs on a white background.

Instructions for using the cam actions plugs are simple. When the plug is inserted in the hole, just flip the miniature lever while the rubber expands, and continue to hold the plug-in place until you are sure the hole is properly sealed. The Rubber Drain Cam Action Drain Plug can be purchased online for $10.49 on

2. Survival First Aid Boat Kit

Adequate space is always a problem for everyone. When you are on a boat, and you need to pack the necessity, you cannot pack leave out your first aid kit or survival kit. The Puck survival kit is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, and yet it contains every item you need to treat cuts, scrapes, burns, and minor irritations.

FIRE PUCK from Survival Puck : Perfect Travel Size Emergency Fire Kit

The kit is circular in size and diameter, but it contains bandages, sterile supplies, antibiotics, and antiseptics. When small emergencies arise on the sea, you are more than ready to take them on. This handy just complete survival first aid kit is available online for $20.93 from

Whether you are going fishing, kayaking, boating, camping, or rafting, you need an extra layer of protection. Insect bites, bee stings, scratches, and small cuts, can happen at any time. We all know to keep first aid supplies at home, but we often forget about those minor emergencies that can and do occur when we are away from home.

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When fun, excitement, and expectation cloud the mind, it is easy to forget to pack the things we really need. The Well-Strong waterproof first aid kit roll-top boat emergency kit with buckles is the best medical supply, and first aid kit you need to take with you on the water.

WELL-STRONG Waterproof First Aid Kit Roll Top Boat Emergency Kit with Buckles for Fishing Kayaking Boating Swimming Camping Rafting Beach Red

The kit comes in a red waterproof bag, which holds up to 2 liters, and it is small enough to fit inside a larger bag or even a book bag. You can purchase this 116-piece set from for $23.98.

3. Life Vest for Boater and Non-Boaters

The Airhead Adult General Purpose Life Vest is the ultimate flotation protection device if you are planning to go boating. Small boats are known to capsize, and when they do, everyone is subject to fall into the water. If you do not know how to swim, the flotation vest will keep you afloat, until you are able to get back to safety. No boat should be without this type of water protection.

The closed cell flotation vest is made from foam. Life jackets are truly lifesavers, and whether you are in a pool or on a boat, in the middle of the ocean, you should always have one nearby, just in case you need it. The Airhead Adult General Purpose life vest is available online from for $25.09.

The X20 Universal Adult Life Vest and Jacket is not only a protective, waterproof accessory, it is also bright, stylish, and comfortable. If you must tread the water, be safe doing so. Cramps can hit, the boat can capsize, or water can enter the boat due to high rising waters and unpredictable waves. The vest has three adjustable belts to ensure the right fit.

X2O Universal Adult Life Vest and Jacket.

Source: Walmart

There are quick-release buckles that are effective in putting on and removing the waterproof life vest. The vest is constructed from one hundred percent polyester Oxford fabric. The vest is USCG approved for a Type lll flotation device and is available for $24.97 from

4. Captain’s Boat Log

It is important to take a diary or log with you your activities on the water. Taking mental notes is not the same as writing them down, and flipping through the pages to locate a specific date, time, and event. When unusual sightings or unexpected weather occur, you want to remember where you were. Writing down specifics can help you remember what the mind sometimes forgets.

You can jot down how far out you were when you nabbed your biggest fish, how much it weighed, and what species of fish it was. These are all important events in your life, that may not happen again. Most importantly, you want to make sure you are not using an ordinary notebook that is not waterproof. The waterproof log is available for $14.95 at

The Nautical Navy Blue Captain’s Log Notebook says it all. If you are the captain of your boat everything that happens on your watch is your responsibility. You can keep notes of the safety hazards if any, what repairs need to be done or have already been completed, how many people are present, and what activities are planned.

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Navy Blue Nautical Anchor Boat Name Captain's Log Notebook.

Source: Zazzle

The navy-blue log has a flat spiral binding, with a printed colorful cover, and has 80 college-ruled pages. This log can be purchased online from for $14.10.

5. Directional Compasses

You cannot operate a boat or become an effective boater if you have problems with directions. The dependable compass has been around for decades, guiding explorers, travelers, and sea surfers to their next destination. Ritchie Navigation F-50 Explorer Compass is scientifically designed to provide easy readability. The built-in NiteVu lighting technology as attached compensators.

Ritchie Navagation F-50 Explorer Compass

The compass has a hard steel pivotal dial movement with a sapphire jewel which adds style and elegance.  It has a black flush mount and is easy to install. This particular compass is available from for $72.04

Night viewing is important for a boater. When the lights are dim, visibility is low, and you can easily get lost. With the right compass, you can stay on course. The LED Light Marine Compass with Mount for Sail Ship Navigation is a powerful portable night light compass, that is easy to install, lightweight, and it runs on 12 volts.

LED Light Marine Compass with Mount for Sail Ship Vehicle Car Boat Navigation US.

Source: Ebay

Whether you are traveling locally or internationally, you need to know in which direction you need to go. At night, north, south, east, and west, are not so easy to navigate without some type of help. You can find this night light compass for $20.98 from

6. Spotlight Search Light Emergency Light

What happens when you are lost at sea, or someone you know is missing? When night falls, it is difficult to see where you are going. If you have a searchlight, emergency light, or spotlight, you can use it to help others locate you when you are in distress. No boater should be without a search and rescue light.

Boat Spotlight,100W 360° Rotate Remote Control Spot Light,Marine Portable Halogen Search Light, 12V Boat Spotlight with Remote 2500LM Remote Control Searchlight Spotlight Waterproof IP67

If you need to find a big great light, that you can take with you on your boating trip, you can choose from several types of light. has the boat spotlight with remote for $149.99 from

Depending on the size of your boat, you may want to get a light like the West Marine Waterproof 3000 Lumen Rechargeable LED Spotlight. The shatterproof lens provides enough durability to protect your light and guide you through the darkest nights. The light has three powerful LEDs and a three-inch prism diameter reflector.

Source: West Marine

An attached adjustable bracket allows you to place the spotlight at any angle. The automatic battery saver is designed to save battery life, by reducing light brightness, so you can get more use time. The rechargeable LED Spotlight is available for $119.99 from

7. Inflatable Boat Repair Adhesive

Damaged inflatable boats and equipment need to be repaired until a replacement can be purchased. Although some damage is huge, if you have the right adhesive, you can repair your boat’s mishap effectively. Boats are damaged when they hit a rock, which punctures a hole underneath the boat. The puncture allows water to seep into the boat and causing it to float on air.

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Liquid Rubber Inflatable Boat Repair.

Source: West Marine

However, when pressure is put inside a damaged boat, the boat will sink because of the pressure. Liquid rubber inflatable boat repair covers fifty feet of damage, where fabric is exposed, and it repairs water spots. The adhesive is available on the website for $84.99.

The 3M Marine adhesive sealant cures the problem in twenty-four hours, so you can put your boat back in the water. If you want to disassemble parts of your boat, you can do so without damaging your boat. The adhesive can be used to fill gaps, seal aluminum, and repair wood, and fiberglass.

3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 4000 UV (05280), Medium Strength Flexible Waterproof Adhesive Sealant for Boats and RVs, UV Resistant, Cures in 24 Hours, White, 3 oz Tube

The adhesive works best both below and above the base waterline and is ideal for sealing holes where screws go, porthole frames, miscellaneous deck hardware, and hull fittings. This particular adhesive is available for $19.94 on the website.

8. Inflatable Chair for Boats

If you take a real chair on your boat, it would not be as much fun as an inflatable chair. In fact, it would be disastrous. An inflatable chair is comfortable, portable, lightweight, and compact. When the chair is deflated it can easily fold and be placed in the smallest corners, or storage spaces. When you are not on your boat, you can chill on the beach, or take your chair in the water.

It is durable, sits low to the ground and it is made for the highest military grade PVC, which means it can take being kicked, stomped, banged, thrown, and tossed around. Because the material in which the aero chair is made, it can withstand being scraped with a minimum amount of damage.

Inflatable Aero Chair on a white background.

Source: BOTE

This particular lightweight chair can be purchased online by visiting The price of this tough and rugged, yet soft and plushy chair is $179.10.

An inflatable boat in a boat is a powerful tool to have. If you want to take a raft away from your boat, then you need to own an inflatable boat raft. It is a great way to relax in the middle of the sea, on a pond, on the beach or just tan in the sun. The built-in pillow on the raft, ensures that you are relaxed, poised, and enjoying the float.

The pool is made from durable PVC material. The raft can hold up to two people, with a combined weight of 350 pounds. The floating raft takes no more than five minutes to inflate and deflate it takes less time. The raft has one pool float, one detachable pillow, one cup holder, one round for wrap-around, and one repair patch.

Inflatable Pool Floats Boat for Adults, Blow Up Tanning Pool Raft Tub with Inflatable Pillow for Family Outdoor, Garden, Backyard Summer Water Party

You can choose one or two triangle pillows depending on your level of comfort. The backrest can be positioned to improve your comfort level. If you need to see or read more about this particular float, you can visit You can purchase this customizable float with its beverage holders, for snacks and drinks, for $39.99.


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