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20 Different Pontoon Boat Fishing Accessories – Ultimate List

Pontoon Boat Fishing on a lake.

Rod holders, trolling motors, livewell and a host of other accessories are some of the many things we need to have a wonderful time fishing on our pontoon. Throw in a fish finder and the right swivel chair and you’ll be in fishing heaven. 

The title indicates that this is no ordinary list; rather, it is, as the name says, the ultimate list, and it consists of all the usual accessories as well as those that we never thought we needed. Whether you’re a seasoned Pontoon angler or just getting started, I want you to have a fantastic time on your fishing expedition.

Keep reading for a detailed description of every imaginable accessory, from the well-known to the utterly unique.

Pontoon Boat Fishing Accessories – Ultimate List

Here are 23 Items that will make our Pontoon fishing expedition as close to perfect as possible!

1. Rod Holders

A boat with Rod Holders and fishing rods.

Having rod holders on a pontoon boat is a must if you plan on doing any fishing from the boat. You can either hold the pole yourself or set it on dry land if you don’t have a rod holder. The first option limits your movement and, by extension, your productivity, while the second option leaves you open to missing out on some remarkable catches. 

These options aren’t ideal, so it’s important to invest in some reliable rod holders.

Additionally, by raising multiple poles at once, you can broaden your perspective. But don’t get crazy, because that’s not allowed. In the state of Kansas, for example, having more than two poles while fishing is against the law.

Once you’ve decided to install rod holders, there are a few different ways to do so. We can relocate Clamp-on rod holders during the day to accommodate the changing demands. Attaching a rod holder to a drill mount could make it more secure, but it would be permanently fixed in one place.

2. Waterproof Bag for Carrying Survival Gear in an Emergency

SURVIVEWARE Survival First Aid Kit, Removable MOLLE Compatible System, Emergency Bag for Camping, Hiking, Hurricane and Natural Disaster Preparedness, 180 Pieces, Tan

These days, a fisherman is likely to have multiple electrical items that need to be secured from water. Avoiding undercooked fish and river or lake water is an important part of keeping food safe. To safeguard your equipment from moisture, a dry kit bag is an ideal option for transit and storage.

There’s no need to stress about the security of your gadgets, spare clothes, or food while you fish. The Earth Pak brand stands out among the many bag options available. They are available in a wide range of sizes and colors, and their PVC coating and watertight seals make them an effective method of warding off moisture.

3. Trolling Motor

PARKHO HASWING Electric Trolling Motor – 12V 55LB 54 Inch Shaft Cayman B Bow Mount Boat Fishing Saltwater Freshwater with Remote Control 50700-137B_R

At the outset, I’ll make a statement that, to the casual angler, may come off as obvious. But maybe you have no idea what a trolling motor is or why you’ll need one. 

The pontoon auxiliary motor is a smaller motor that can be used in addition to the main engine. You can go quietly and with both hands-free for fishing thanks to this vehicle, which may be operated by remote control or a foot pad.

By a long shot, Minn Kota manufactures the finest ones on the market. Using a Terrova, which has sixty pounds of force, is what I do. The Minn Kota Terrova is what I use, and you can find it on Amazon.

Most pontoon boats of 22 feet in length only need 60 pounds of power. Check out this post for more details on how to pick the best one for your boat. You can’t go fishing from your pontoon without a Minn Kota trolling motor. It may be removed quickly and easily for storage when it’s not in use. So, what other purposes may it serve?

The best fishing spots are inaccessible when using the primary motor, but a trolling motor makes it possible to reach these locations. To avoid scaring away all of the fish you’re trying to catch, you need to move slowly and steadily. The motion of the trolling engine could simulate that of live bait, drawing fish to your boat so that you can simply reel them in.

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It’s important to remember that you’ll also need a battery and charger, but a short browse around Amazon or some online research will reveal the rest of the gear you’ll need.

4. Waterproof Cellphone Case With Strap 

Your phone needs to be protected from water and dust, but if it spends the day buried in a bag, that won’t do you much good. A watertight lanyard, worn around the neck, would be quite useful in this scenario.

You may make and take calls without worrying about damaging your iPhone or another mobile device if it falls in the water. else you’ll have to take a chance the next time you bring a huge catch aboard and risk destroying it.

This accessory has the potential to be the day’s most useful acquisition. It won’t cost an arm and a leg and it might keep you from needing a new mobile device.

5. Bottle Opener with Strap

Strap-On Speed Opener - Stainless Steel - Female by, Inc.

This is ideal because no one wants to 

search everywhere for the bottle opener, right? You can strap it to yourself or just about any convenient spot on the boat. 

6. Dual Cup Holders

ROBOCUP, Updated Version, 12 Colors, Best Cup Holder for Drinks, Fishing Rod/Pole, Boat, Beach Chair, Golf Cart, Wheelchair, Walker, Drum Sticks, Microphone Stand (Black)

This cup holder is perfect for fishing pontoons because it can be clamped to a seat, rail, fence, or any other sturdy surface.

Robocup, sold on Amazon, is made of stainless steel and polyresin, has two cup holders, and can be mounted on either,r square or circular rails. 

With a spring-loaded mechanism, our cup won’t fall to the floor (or beer can). It should help reduce the occurrence of those annoying spills. When you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. It’s essential, as it’s an exceptional piece of fishing gear.

7. Key Floats

Fuprosico Floating Keychain for Boat Keys, Glow in the Dark, Float 5 to 6 Keys, Waterproof Neoprene Key Chain Keyring,2 Pcs,Green and Orange

Finding our keys on land after losing them is difficult. Imagine losing it in the water. Why take any kind of chance of losing your keys in the ocean at all? That would take the fun out of the fishing trip.

The keychain will float if you attach one of these floats to it. They float and can be retrieved with a boat hook if you happen to drop them overboard. You can find them on Amazon for a reasonable price, and they’re a must-have if you want to go fishing from a pontoon. You might come to regret waiting to make this purchase later on.

8. Livewell/Baitwell

Marine Metal Individual 10 Gal Bait Saver Livewell

It’s well known that removing fish from their natural environment and exposing them to air does them harm. Some amphibious fish can survive for hours without water, although this is still not ideal for them. A better option would be to invest in a Livewell, which would allow your fish to thrive in your care. You can prevent them from spoiling and release any larger fish you capture that day.

A Livewell, sometimes known as a baitwell, is a necessary piece of pontoon boat fishing equipment if you intend to keep your catch. A Livewell is used to collect and store water from the river or lake your boat is currently cruising. These containers are used by fishermen to store and transport their catches. This container provides fish with the life-sustaining oxygen they require.

If you’re going fishing for fun rather than to catch food, you can utilize the live well to keep live bait. Even while some anglers prefer using artificial lures, it’s smart to bring along some live bait just in case.

9. Electric Anchor Winch

Electric Anchor Winch,Marine Anchor Winch Saltwater Boat Anchor Windlass Kit with Wireless Remote Control,Anchors Up to 45 LBS, Heavy Duty Towing Winches for Fishing Boat Pontoon Boat (45LBS, White)

Want to spend less time pulling in your anchor and more time fishing? Because your joints aren’t as flexible as they once were, you might need some help bringing that heavy anchor back on board.

Nowadays, an electric winch is likely the best accessory you can acquire for your pontoon. 

10. Tackle Tray

Tackle Tray with different kinds of gem stones.

Throwing everything into a bucket without any thought is asking for trouble. Too much time will be required to search through all of these components to locate the ones you require. Tackle trays are indispensable for convenient carrying and storage.

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Even if it would suffice, the typical tackle box is just too big to bring along. To this end, we think of tackle trays as a necessary component of our pontoon boat fishing equipment. These trays are smaller than traditional tackle boxes, so you can store them easily and discreetly under the pontoon boat seat.

11. Anchor Mount

A boat with an Anchor Mount and bungee chord.

If you opt to have an anchor mount, it might be a good idea to install it on a ledge or mount it off the back of your pontoon. Here is a guide about anchor mounts that will teach you all about them and how they work. This pontoon features an anchor ledge, perfect for storing anchors and winches when you’re low on deck space. It can be placed over a pontoon and tucked neatly beneath the aft deck.

They help clear the deck of unnecessary items and can add an extra layer of safety to long-distance fishing trips. Avoiding a potential tripping hazard and saving yourself the work of cleaning up the anchor when you bring it inside can be accomplished simply by keeping the anchor and line off the floor.

12. Rod Racks

A fishing rod with a Rod Rack on the lake.

A range of inventive and creative storage solutions exist for stowing away fishing poles and rods while they’re not in use. Some people do make their rod holders (although it’s not easy to make them look good).

If you’ve invested thousands on your boat, you want to keep it looking beautiful, and you want to keep your fishing rods safe, then I think you should invest in good onboard storage.

13. Fishfinder

HOOK2 4X - 4-inch Fish Finder with Bullet Skimmer Transducer

A fish finder may be one of the more complicated pieces of fishing equipment for pontoon boats, but its value cannot be emphasized. These devices have several applications, but one of the most prominent is in helping fishermen find schools of fish. Their abilities, however, are not confined to only one field. 

Furthermore, they provide details such as:

  • Formations of fish schools
  • An assessment of the condition of the sea floor
  • The depth of the water

A fish finder’s transducer and screen are its most fundamental parts. Where you put the transducer has a major impact on how well it works. The pontoon boat’s hull can serve as a bottom mount for the transducer. However, the information it offers is unreliable if it is installed improperly.

The data will be presented on the screen, which is the other side of this device. You should check for the following functions on this device:

14. GPS

STAR BRITE Extending Boat Hook - Telescoping, Floating, Multi-Purpose - Extends from 4 ft. (124 cm) to 8 ft. (243 cm) 040609

Nobody wants to get lost out there, at least I don’t. Having a GPS device is a smart move. The higher quality equipment you’ll need will come at a larger price. Despite the larger outlay of capital at the outset, you will come to appreciate the investment later on. Cheap devices fail more frequently and have a shorter lifespan.

Telescoping boat hook that can extend and retract to different lengths

Items will occasionally fall into the sea no matter how careful you are. It’s easy to misplace something as little as a fender clip, rod, set of keys, or similar item (it’s happened to me). A boat hook serves multiple purposes, including cleaning and stowing away your watercraft.

This 4-8 foot boat hook from Amazon is an excellent alternative for its affordable price and necessity. If you end up dropping it overboard, don’t worry, it floats!

15. A Back Sink

Guide Gear Portable Folding Fish/Game Cleaning Camp Table with Sink and Faucet, Outdoor Fishing Washing Station for Boat, Dock

A back sink is a necessary addition to any pontoon boat if its passengers intend to maintain their hygiene while on the water. While there are many applications for this equipment, our favorite is using it to gut and scale fish. The gutting process can begin for those who are ready to return to shore.

If your planned time on the water is larger than two hours, however, we recommend waiting to perform the gutting procedure. Using the sink to wash your hands is a good way to avoid coming into contact with bloodied fish or unpleasant bait. Then you may relax with a snack or drink without fretting over germs.

A water tank between one and five gallons is typically located beneath a sink in the vehicle’s cargo area. You should stock this container with necessities before setting off on your trip.

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When it’s time to wash your hands or gut a fish, you can raise the water pressure using a hand pump. Be cautious of what you flush, as many of these fixtures drain straight into the body of water you happen to be on.

While not so essential, it is still helpful to have the following accessories on our pontoons, especially if we fish often or plan to stay out there for long periods. 

16. Swivel Fishing Seats

AQUOS 360 Swivel Folding Seat with Adjustable Height Power Pedestal Seat Mount 10inch to 13inch for RIG, Bass Fishing Boat, Pontoon Boat

The benefits of standing while fishing outweigh the potential fatigue. Furthermore, you may find that the immovable, hard, and cold benches on your pontoon boat are too limiting and uncomfortable. The most comfortable and productive way to fish from a pontoon boat is from a spinning fishing seat.

The back of the boat is the ideal spot for your rotating seat. From there, you may adjust it to the perfect casting angle by turning it in any direction. Look for a chair made of marine-grade vinyl, as this is the greatest type of vinyl to find. This material must be resistant to mildew and ultraviolet light because of its frequent exposure to rain and sunshine.

A chair with a storage bucket underneath and a bolster that flips up is something to think about buying. The limited space aboard a pontoon boat can be better utilized with the help of this feature. Make sure the chair has sufficient padding before purchasing. If you’re going to be sitting here for a while, you might as well have a nice chair.

17. Metal Cup Holder

Yuanhe 2pcs Stainless Steel Cup Drink Holder with Drain for Marine Boat RV Camper

When a beer is within arm’s reach, fishing trips are always fun and relaxing. These are the ideal cup holders for a pontoon boat.

Alloys of stainless steel Smart drink holders are made to match the decor of your boat’s interior and hold two drinks at once. In addition, there is a warranty that lasts for three years.

Every time I have somebody around or am having a family reunion, I pull out my set of them from my Bennington.

18. Inflatable Kayak

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

Small inflatable pontoon boats may be found on the internet (here are my top picks for the best), but have you ever considered an inflatable kayak, which is not only fun but can also help you go to places that are difficult to reach by other means?

You can blow it up in seconds with the hand pump that comes with it, and then fold it up to fit neatly under your seats.

Additionally, inflatable kayaks have a low price tag. Go look at how much kayaks cost right now to see for yourself. My family and I have found that spending time on our boat is a lot of fun.

19. A Grill with Mounting Brackets

Boat Grill with Mount - Portable Propane Gas BBQ - Grills Secure into Rod Holder | Adjustable Legs for Table Top Use | Stainless Steel Marine Stove -Great Outdoor Barbecue

Spending the day fishing is enjoyable, but why not just grill your catch instead? Cooking your food on board ensures that you and your companions will enjoy meals that are even fresher than you might expect.

While there are several pontoon grill manufacturers to select from, Cuisinart stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Before you rush out and buy one, though, be sure it will fit on the rails of your boat. Any abandoned bits of food from the grill can be simply tossed into the water below. In addition, you can prepare meals while on your feet.

You may find a Cuisinart grill on Amazon that comes with the necessary bracket and mounts. Don’t go out and buy individual Cuisinart grills when you can get everything you need in the kit I suggest.

20. Wireless LED Bite Alarms

4 Pcs Black Electronic LED Light Fishing Bite Sound Alarm Alert Bell Clip On Fishing Rod

If you’re planning on bringing a lot of fishing rods on your trip, this Amazon bundle is for you. There are four bite alarms included, one for each fishing rod. A bite will trigger an alarm, or you can fish in silence by switching to LED mode.

They are wireless and work with most reel kinds, so you can still be warned if you need to step away from the rails. The fishing alarm kit is available on Amazon, and you should check it out. Excellent cost-effectiveness.