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What Can You Do with Old Fishing Rods?

An old fishing rod with fishing net and reel.

The first thing you have to do with a broken fishing rod is to try to save it. Find out why it’s broken, then fix it. Check out if any damaged part needs replacement. If your rod is beyond repair, perhaps it’s time to dispose of it and purchase a new one.

But, wait, if you’re creative, you might also consider recycling it for decoration purposes. Check out the following creative ideas for your broken or old fishing rod.


An old fishing rod with multiple fishing baits.

An old fishing rod and other fishing tools make great décor around a shed. You can mount it against another, like a sword. This forms an elegant appearance, especially if it is still in quite good shape.

You can line your walls with them and hand your kid’s name, letter by letter, down from the line guide while the rods are mounted near their crib.

There are many cool ideas to do with your old fishing rod in general.

Claim a Warranty

Before disposing of your broken fishing rod, find out if it’s under warranty. Many companies offer a warranty even to second owners.

It might not be worth it for a less expensive rod. If your prized rod breaks, confirm what the company can do for you.

Lawn and Garden

A larger rod blank makes an excellent stake for your farm. The line guide might be a perfect place to tie off some fabrics to keep your fruits growing strong. Depending on how tall you need them, you might have to connect two damaged blanks with a dowel, but this system might work well.

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Spare Parts

Spare parts of the fishing reels and oil.

If your rod is beyond repair, you might break it down and make spare parts. You can remove the line guides and salvage them for use on another rod. Further, a cork handle can be ground down and used to fill in the handle of another rod for some touch-ups.

You might not be okay parting with it, but others are. Still, you can sell out your broken fishing rod on e-Bay. So, don’t toss your broken fishing rod before considering posting it on e-Bay. You might get a bite!

Line Stringer

I lost the top half of a 2-piece fishing rod last summer. I didn’t throw it out but turned it into a line stringer. It’s easier to put a new fishing line on reels if it’s on a shortened rod. It’s convenient and might be done in a tighter quarter. I mostly keep broken fishing rods specifically for this purpose.

Plow Reflectors

A fishing rod blank is flexible and lightweight, and it’s unlikely to damage anything that walks into it. This makes it pretty good use as a reflector during the winter season to help you avoid snow blows. Simply wrap your rod up in reflective tape, sharpen on the end, and push it into the ground like any other reflector.

An old man giving his fishing rod to an young child.

Lastly, donate them! Some groups accept broken fishing rods, even those that are beyond repair. They can give them to people who need them but can’t afford them.

These organizations work with the youth. Therefore, you can inspire younger generations to enjoy this fantastic sport by taking this idea.

Can a Graphite Rod Break Easily?

An exclusive fishing rods and professional reels.

Typically, a graphite rod doesn’t break easily. It rarely happens, especially if it’s new. But it doesn’t mean graphite rods remain unbreakable forever!  Follow the outlined procedures and guidelines by the manufacturer to avoid breakage.

Is a Carbon Fishing Rod Good?

A carbon fishing rod is excellent for fishing. It has better sensitivity compared to other rods. Also, you might love its interchangeable tips to enable you to catch more fish. Overall, it is a strong, light, versatile, and durable fishing rod.

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Is It Bad to Store a Fishing Rod Horizontally?

A fishing rod can be stored vertically and horizontally if the storage area offers proper support for the rod. Don’t worry about the storage direction. Make sure your rod is dry and clean and has a loosely pulled line. This prolongs your fishing rod’s lifespan and keeps it fit for future use.

How Often Should I Clean Fishing Reel?

Before putting away your fishing reel, ensure you give it a thorough cleaning. If you fish in freshwater, you need to clean your reel twice every ten times you fish. And if you fish in saltwater, you need to clean it after every trip.

To clean it, spray it with a fishing reel-specific cleaner, then use a gentle brush to get into the crannies and nooks. Rinse it down with light water pressure, then ensure it’s thoroughly dried before hanging for storage. Spray the reel with oil, too.

How Do I Store My Two-Piece Fishing Rod?

A man assembling two-piece fishing rod.

A two-piece fishing rod is portable and effective for all fishing adventures. Still, you might wonder about the best way to store it. Put your two-piece fishing rod in a rod case.

Before putting it away, ensure you store the pieces Texas-rigged and hooked in the keeper. Finally, fold the rod and reel in the slack from the line.

Does a Fishing Rod Wear Out?

A fishing rod wears out after a certain period based on the materials, regardless of bamboo or steel, or others that have been used to make them. It takes decades for a fishing rod to wear out only if it’s taken care of and stored properly to prevent rust and corrosion.

How Can I Protect a Fishing Rod?

Use a fishing rod rock, sleeves, or socks to protect your fishing rod and store it in a dry place like your home, garage, or basement. But ensure to clean it thoroughly before storage.

How do I Prepare My Fishing Rod For Storage?

First, clean it to prevent unwanted corrosion or breakage during storage. Then polish or oil it to prepare it for a prolonged storing time.

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Cleaning is the first step in protecting fishing rods because you always must clean your fishing rods thoroughly before storing them to prevent unwanted breakage or corrosion.

Does a Graphite Fly Rod Wear Out?

A graphite rod wears out gradually, mainly if heavily used. It doesn’t tend to weaken or break down easily, but if you’re heavily using it, it gradually starts getting softer and wears out.

A graphite rod is used for throwing heavy nymphs while fishing for a long time or in a situation like a strong wind. So, if you use a graphite rod for all these reasons, it’s obvious it will wear out gradually.

Can I Transport My Fishing Rod By Flight?

It is possible to fly with your fishing rod. Luckily, travel rods might still be carried on as hand luggage. Tap them together in a bundle to prevent nicks and scratches en route. A trolling rod needs to be checked in as sports equipment. So, it would help if you put it in proper cases. With a bit of pre-planning, you can transport your fishing rod anywhere globally.

Why Does My Fishing Rod Break Easily?

A fishing rod broken in tow pieces.

Your fishing rod breaks down because it gets tiny fractures in it gradually. Unfortunately, you can’t quickly notice these minor fractures, but when it breaks on a fish, most fishers falsely think that the fish broke it!

Still, your rod breaks because they’re overloaded. If it breaks at the top, it might be from a micro-fracture, but if it breaks at the bottom, then it might be due to an overload.

There’s a Lot of Life Left in Your Old Fishing Rod!

An old man fishing with his grandchild.

You can now see that there is no need to throw out your broken or old fishing rod. First, you might repair it or use it creatively for other purposes described above. I hope this post helps you think of other ways to get more life out of your broken or old fishing rod.