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50 Different Jon Boat Fishing Accessories – Ultimate List

Fishing boats and Jon boats on a dock.

You just bought your dream fishing boat and are excited to head out to do some fishing. Wait! Before you get your boat in the water, take a look at this list of accessories you may want to have to make your fishing experience as wonderful as you envision. You won’t need all of these things, but many will help make your fishing trip more pleasant and safe.

Look over the list, decide what items you think will be best for your own personal experience, and then set out for your adventure.

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Transporting and Docking

1. Boat Trailer

Ironton 4ft. x 8ft. Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit - 1170-Lb. Load Capacity

Your boat may be smaller and lightweight, but tieing it to the roof of your vehicle isn’t exactly the best way to get it to your docking or launching location. A good boat trailer will allow you to safely transport the boat and will make getting it into the water easier. A good trailer will attach to a trailer hitch of nearly any vehicle.

2. Boat Cover

GOODSMANN Marine Grade Heavy Duty 300D Jon Boat Covers, Fits 14ft Length, Beam Width to 70'' Boats 9921-0152-22

You want to protect your boat when you aren’t using it. A strong boat cover will allow you to guarantee that your boat remains free of rainwater and debris that may be flying around. It protects the things you keep on the boat and makes it less likely to become the home of some wild animal while not in use.

3. Anchor Kit

OLIVIA & AIDEN Grapnel Anchor Kit (3.5 lb) with 40ft Marine Rope and Buoy | Portable, Compact Accessory for Canoe, Jon Boat, Jet Ski, Paddle Board, SUP | Folding Kayak Anchor

If you’ve found a good fishing spot, you don’t want to risk the waves or wind blowing you away. An anchor kit will allow you to drop your anchor so that you have control of the boat’s position until you are ready to move. It is also added insurance when the boat is docked should bad weather stir the water.

4. Trolling Motor

AQUOS Haswing 12V 20LBS 23.6inch Bow Mount Trolling Motor for PF Series Small Pontoon Boat, Inflatable Pontoon Boat, Kayaks, Small Dinghies Rafts Saltwater and Freshwater Use

Sometimes you may like to row but a motor helps save you energy and allows you to navigate waters that may not be easy to get through. A lightweight motor kit that is able to withstand both salt and fresh waters is ideal. Find one that is adjustable in both height and speed to make your experience the best.

5. Motor Cover

Boat Motor Covers, Outboard Motor Cover with 420D Heavy Duty Oxford Fabric Extra PVC Coating,Waterproof Outboard Engine Covers Fit for Motor 100-150 HP

Protecting your motor when you are not using it is a must. A weatherproof cover will guarantee that your motor stays in the best possible shape and is ready to use when you are. 

6. Oars

Sevylor Heavy-Duty Aluminum Oars

If you find the action of rowing your own boat relaxing and good exercise, a decent pair of lightweight oars will be your best friend. Go for aluminum as it is lighter in weight and won’t weigh your boat down. They will last a long time. If you buy a pair, it will allow two people to share the chore of rowing.

7. Telescoping Paddles

Attwood 11826-1 Emergency 24-inch to 54-inch Telescoping Paddle for Boating, Orange

If you rely on a motor for your boat, there may be a time when something happens that prevents the motor from operating properly. Rather than be stuck out in open water with no way to easily return to sure, have these telescoping paddles handy. They are lightweight and don’t take up a lot of room when stored but can be lifesavers in an emergency situation.

8. Starter Battery

12V 55Ah Power Boat Pontoon Electric Trolling Motor Deep Cycle Battery

Let’s face it, sometimes things don’t hold a charge as they should. Having a starter battery handy will allow you to jump-start your motor should it lose its charge for some reason or you travel further than intended.

9. Trolling Motor Prop Protectors

Taylor Made Products 255 Trolling Motor Prop Protector, 2 Blade, 12 inch, Red

These protectors serve two purposes. They protect the propellers from becoming damaged and they protect your boat cover from becoming caught on the propellers and becoming torn. This small item can end up saving you a lot of money over time. 

10. Boat Hook

Trac Outdoors Crooked Creek Telescoping Boat Hook - Allows You to Reach Further - Extends from 32-inches to 72-inches (50475), Multi-Color

This telescoping hook allows you to reach the shore easier. This allows you to navigate into your docking space easier and with less frustration. It isn’t a necessity, but it can save a lot of time and frustration.

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11. Seat Cushion with Under Seat Bag

Newport Vessels Dinghy Inflatable Boat Seat Cushion & Underseat Storage Bag, 1 Size

Sitting on the attached seats of most boats can get tiring on your behind after a few hours. This handy cushion will relieve a lot of pressure. It also provides some storage, which is always a plus when you are on a boat that doesn’t have a lot of room. You can keep all your most important items where they are readily accessed.

12. Fishing Seat

Leader Accessories A Pair of New Low Back Folding Boat Seat(2 Seats) (C-White/Charcoal)

If you plan on spending a lot of time out on the water, investing in an actual seat will make the experience much more pleasant. While you can purchase a single seat, for those who love having a companion along, there are double seats so you can both be comfortable for many hours of fishing.

13. Shade Canopy

VINGLI 3 Bow Bimini Top for Boats Sun Shade Canopy Cover Waterproof with 4 Straps Support Poles Mounting Hardwares & Storage Boot 6'L x 46" H x 61"-66" Navy Blue

This canopy is meant for those who take along a companion on their fishing trips. The cover allows for a shady area to relax when the sun is bright and can provide protection should it start to rain. Seasoned fishermen are used to the sun but those new to the sport and children may need the extra protection.

Safety Items

14. Boat Receiver

Marine Radio Receiver Speaker Set 12v Single Din Style Bluetooth Compatible Waterproof Digital Boat In Dash Console System with Mic 4 Speakers, Remote Control, Wiring Harness PLMRKT38W (White)

Sometimes having some music puts that extra special touch to your day. A decent boat receiver will not only allow you to stream music but will allow for other forms of entertainment. It will also give you the means to stay alert to weather conditions, which can change dramatically on the water. Feel safer and more connected while out on the water.

15. Shark Teeth Mouth Reflective Decals

Vbestlife 2Pcs Shark Teeth Mouth Reflective Decals Sticker Waterproof DIY Funny Graphics Accessories for Car Kayak Canoe Fishing Boat Truck Decoration Funny Boat Stickers and Decals

These reflective, waterproof decals will make you noticeable to other boaters whether it is day or evening. They are not only another way to remain safe but are also a fun way to personalize your boat and show your personality. 

16. Navigational Boat Lights

Osinmax Boat Navigation Light, LED Bow Light for Boat,Marine LED Navigation Lights. Perfect Boat Front Light to Small Boat and Pontoon (Black)

You can never have too many lights to help make yourself and your path visible. A front light will alert others to your presence and will help you see any unexpected things that may hamper your path through the waters.

17. Waterproof Tactical Flashlight

Rechargeable Flashlights, 90000 High Lumens Super Bright LED Flashlights, Tactical Flashlights for Camping, Emergencie, High Powered Flashlight 5 Mode, Waterproof, Zoomable

Flashlights aren’t only for finding things in the dark. A flashlight can be used to send a distress signal to another boat if you find yourself in trouble. It can also alert other boaters to your presence if your navigational lights happen to fail. This flashlight is a must-have.

18. Waterproof Cellphone Charger

Kewig Quick Charge 3.0 Dual USB Charger Socket Waterproof 36W 12V 24V USB Outlet Fast Charge with Touch Switch & Blue LED DIY Kit for Car Boat Marine ATV Bus Truck Golf Cart and More

Not only is it best to keep your cellphone charged in case you need to contact someone or they need you to come to shore, but there are other things that may need to be charged in order to make your day safe and enjoyable. A portable charger is a must-have for any trip out in your boat.

19. Boat Repair Kit

Hy-Poxy H-450 Alumbond 6.5 oz Aluminum Putty Repair Kit

Accidents happen. There is no need to allow a minor scratch or dent to ruin your days out on the water. A good repair kit can help make sure you make it back to shore safely if you happen to get a crack while out on the water. It can also help you fix minor problems before they become major ones.

20. UV Protection Glasses

Sports Polarized Sunglasses For Men Cycling Driving Fishing 100% UV Protection

This may not seem like a normal boating accessory but it is extremely important to protect your eyes on the water. Even on days that seem cloudy, the reflection of light off the water adds to the intensity of the sun from above, creating a situation where your eyes can be damaged quicker than you realize. Investing in a great pair of glasses can save your sight.

21. Inflatable Fender

Gowintech Inflatable Marine Vinyl Boat Fender Bumpers Kit with Ropes Needles and Pump 6.5 Inch x 23 Inch Black 4 Packs

When docking, it can be easy to dent your boat or scratch it. Inflatable fenders allow you a measure of safety when coming into the dock for the day. They prevent you from causing damage no your boat and to any other boats that may be close.

22. Life Jacket

Onyx Kayak Fishing Life Jacket, Oversize, Tan

A life jacket is essential. It is something you hope you will never need but it is always something you should have. A lightweight jacket with mesh will feel comfortable and if you get one with pockets, you can make sure essential things like emergency whistles and such are nearby. It could very well save your life.

23. Emergency Raft

Intex Explorer 300, 3-Person Inflatable Boat Set with French Oars and High Output Air-Pump

This is another item you should always have but hope you won’t need. An inflatable raft, complete with an emergency pump can give you the safety you need should your boat capsize or spring a leak. Try finding one that will be big enough for both you and any passenger who may be with you. Having oars will also help.

24. First Aid Kit

WELL-STRONG Waterproof First Aid Kit Roll Top Boat Emergency Kit with Buckles for Fishing Kayaking Boating Swimming Camping Rafting Beach Red

You don’t think of fishing as a particularly dangerous sport, but fish hooks are sharp and sometimes you need to take care of a cut or other minor first aid issue. Having all the essentials within reach, in a waterproof box, will enable you to take care of any minor issues and continue on with your trip.

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25. Radar

Simrad Cruise 7-7-inch GPS Chartplotter with 83/200 Transducer, Preloaded C-MAP US Coastal Maps,000-14996-001

This is something that most boaters won’t need, especially if they plan on staying close to shore and in familiar waters. However, if you plan on traveling further out into open waters or you like to travel and visit different fishing locations, you may find radar very helpful. 

26. LED Boat Lights

Shangyuan Pontoon Boat Docking Light, Marine Led Lights for Kayak Bass Jon Fishing Boat Spreader Light, Boat Headlights, T-top Light, Deck Light, Driving Lights, Stern Light, Navigation Lights, 2pcs

Be seen and see where you are going no matter how dark it becomes. LED lights are long-lasting and extra bright so you can see when navigating out on the water and coming into the dock for the night. Don’t get caught off-guard. 

27. Emergency Kit for Boating

Always Prepared Marine Kits - Waterproof Storage Case with First Aid Kit & Emergency Survival Supplies - Ideal for Boats, Sailing and Coastal Guard Approved

This kit goes beyond the typical first aid kit. It does contain first aid supplies but also includes other things that are necessary for survival should you find yourself in a situation where you need help. It is something that is definitely good to have near your inflatable raft should you need to grab it quickly.

28. Flare Gun

Sirius Signal C-1003 SOS LED Flare Electronic Visual Distress Signal Kit with Daytime Distress Flag and Whistle - CG Approved - Legally Never Buy Flares Again

A handheld distress signal will allow you to get the attention of other boaters or those on shore if you are close enough. Some also come with a loud whistle that can draw the attention of those who may not be looking in your direction. Together, you increase the chances of gaining the help you need quickly.

29. Floating Safety Line

Beiruoyu Water Floating Lifesaving Rope 98.4FT,Outdoor Professional Throwing Rope Rescue Lifeguard Rescue Lifeline with Bracelet/Hand Ring for Swimming Boating Fishing

If someone should happen to fall overboard, this rope could be the best chance of saving them. The ropes are intended to go around the wrist of the person in the water and attach to the boat so that either someone still on the boat can pull them in or they have a sturdy way to pull themself toward the boat.

30. Air Horn

Air Horn for Boating Safety Canned Boat Accessories | Marine Grade Airhorn Can and Blow Horn - 1.4oz

An air horn is one of the quickest ways to get attention while out on the water. It can get the attention of a boater that may not see you and help them avoid running into you. It can get attention when you need help, along with the flare light and a whistle.

31. Fire Extinguisher

StaySafe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher, Best Extinguisher for Home, Car, Work, Camping, RVs, Boat - extinguishes 5 types of fires in seconds

You don’t often think of having to deal with fire when out on the water, but things happen and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. A portable fire extinguisher that is meant to deal with several different types of fires can come in handy.

32. Floating Gear Bag

MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag 5L/10L/20L/30L, Roll Top Sack Keeps Gear Dry for Boat, Beach, Kayaking, Rafting, Boating, Swimming, Camping, Hiking, Canoeing, Fishing (Pink, 10L)


There are some things you need but you don’t want them to get wet. A bag that is intended to keep things dry and float should you capsize is perfect for items such as your phone, extra clothing, your first aid kit and emergency supplies that could help keep you alive if you are stranded on that floating raft for a couple of days.

33. Compass

Boat Compsss, Black Electronic Adjustable Military Marine Ball Night Compass for Boat Vehicle

If you find yourself in a position where you aren’t exactly sure of your location, a compass might be your best help in finding your way back. Unlike electronic things that may end up failing in water, or get lost in case of a capsize, your compass will stay true and help give you a better sense of direction.

34. Utility Knife

DULEES Marlin Spike Rigging Knife, Multi-Function Sailing Knife Sailor Knife, Suitable for Camping, Boating, Fishing or Sailing Gear, Boat Knife Knotters Tools

A good utility knife can come in handy for many different tasks. You never know when you may need to cut a line or cut your way free from weeds. A knife with several different blades and a screwdriver is often all you will need for the majority of situations. 

35. Bilge Pump

MAXZONE Automatic Submersible Boat Bilge Water Pump 12v 1100gph Auto with Float Switch (Blue - Automatic)

An extra big wave, rain, a hole — all can create a situation where you find water coming into the boat at a dangerous rate and level. You could try bailing with a bucket or other tool, but having a pump do the job for you is quicker and much more efficient. You can buy one that is only activated when the water reaches a certain level. This can free you up to start making your way to shore.

Fun and Organizing

36. Boat Tote Organizer

Boat Tote All-in-One Boat Accessories Organizer - Boating, Fishing Accessory, Rod and Gear Holder for Jon Boats, Cartoppers - Fits Gunnels and Railings Maximum 2.5" Thick

This handy little organizer will fit on the rail of your boat and has room to hold a fishing pole, a drink, tools you may need, such as a fish scaler or hook remover, and much more. Most are customizable and they help you use the little space available in a way that allows for convenience.

37. Underwater Camera

MOQCQGR Underwater Fishing Camera, Portable Video Fish Finder wiht 7 inch HD LCD Monitor 1200TVL Camera , 12pcs IR and 12pcs LED White Lights for Ice,Lake and Boat Fishing(15M/49FT)

There’s more to going out on a boat than fishing. An underwater camera system will let you explore the world beneath your boat, It can also help you locate the best possible fishing spots and let you know exactly what kind of fish are in the area, which helps you determine what bait to use. 

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38. Fishing Rod Holder

Brocraft Power Lock Fully Adjustable Rod Holder with Aluminum Large Opening Clamp / Jon Boat Rod Holder

Your arms can get mighty tired holding a fishing rod all day. It is also difficult to do other things like eat, drink, or relx while holding one. A holder that attaches to the side of your boat and allows you to adjust the angle can give you time to do other things with your hands while still enjoying fishing. It is also an added help when reeling in those big ones!

39. Splash Guard Stereo

Bluetooth Marine Radio Boat Stereo: Waterproof Boat Audio Receiver - Digital Marine Grade Player with FM AM Radio | USB/AUX-in/MP3 | Subwoofer | Pre-Amp&EQ

Stay in contact with emergency stations, weather stations, and other boaters with a waterproof stereo system that will withstand the splashes and other weather-related conditions out in the water. You don’t want to feel completely cut off from help should the need arise.

40. Fishing Cart

Sea Striker Deluxe Surf, Pier and Beach Cart – Outdoor Fishing Rolling Wheel Wagon

Getting your fish and all your portable gear from your boat to the location of your camp will be much easier with a cart. This cart is designed to be easily pulled on grass, gravel, or sand. It is a must-have if you plan on spending a lot of time fishing alone. 

41. Fishing Cart Liner

Anglers 150 Large Cart Liner

Your fishing cart will be much more functional with a liner. It will help keep your fish from falling out and is easily removed for cleaning. The drain hole allows excess water to be removed, allowing the fish to stay fresher and not become water-logged. 

42. Storage Net

Rig Rite Manufacturing 1200 Marine 42" Boatgo Storage Net with 8 Hooks and Screws

A handy net that can stretch across unused portions of the boat makes a handy spot to keep items that you don’t want rolling around the boat floor. They make a handy place to keep extra supplies or items you may have no need to use on this particular trip but don’t want to keep unpacking every time.

43. Tackle Caddy

RAILBLAZA Tackle Caddy Trackmount (Track Mount)

Keep all your tackle boxes and other supplies like fish hook removers in one handy spot with a caddy that attaches easily to the side of the boat. This way, you don’t have to waste time looking for a particular tool or that special lure you are sure is the best one for the task at hand.

44. Bait/Filet Table

Brocraft Deck Mount Bait Table/Fillet Table/Cutting Board for Deck/Side Mount

If you plan on spending all day out on the water, it can get a bit boring simply waiting for the fish to bite. This table attaches to the side of the boat and gives you a handy surface for either keeping bait nearby and ready or starting the filet process on the fish you already caught.

45. Portable Fish Finder

Handheld Fish Finder Portable Fishing Kayak Fishfinder Fish Depth Finder Fishing Gear with Sonar Transducer and LCD Display

A portable fish finder can not only tell you where the fish are, but it can also tell you how many and how big the fish are. A fish finder can also alert you to weeds and other obstacles that are beneath you and may cause difficulty when trying to fish. This handy little tool will keep you safe and happy. It can also let you know how deep the water is.

46. Fish Cooler Bag

Wise Owl Outfitters Insulated Fish Bag - 40x16 or 68x24 Inch Leakproof Fish Cooler Bag w/ Carry Handle - Portable Ice Chest Stores Fish, Food, Beverages for Fishing, Camping, Kayak

Let’s face it, fish smell. You also don’t want the fish you catch flopping around the boat deck and you want a way to transport them once you reach the shore. A fish cooler bag is what you need. These bags come in various sizes and are insulated and leakproof. 

47. Digital Hanging Fish Scale

Fishfun Fish Scale, Digital Hanging Fishing Luggage Scale with Tape Measure Large Hook Comfortable Handle, Compound Bow Scale, 110lb/50kg-Father's Day Gift

There are often laws about the size or weight of fish you can keep and which ones you need to throw back in. With a digital scale, you can make sure you stay within the legal limits at all times. They take up very little room and can mean the difference between getting a fine or remaining within the law should the fish warden be nearby.

48. Key Floats

Orange Foam Floating Key Chain Key Floats (2 pack); Great Keychain for Boating,Fishing, Sailing and Outdoor Sports

You lean over to reel in that big one and your keys fall out of your pocket and straight into the water. In most cases, the water is going to be too deep to get your keys back. By getting a keychain that floats, you have the opportunity of rescuing your keys so you can drive home and get in the house after a long day on the water.

49. Boat Grill Mount

Kuuma 60176; Rod Holder Grill Mount

You can get pretty hungry being out on the water for hours. Why settle for a cold sandwich when you have all those fish you caught? A simple grill mount will make it possible for you to grill up a tasty fish to enjoy and give you energy for the rest of the day.

50. Deck Flooring

EVA Foam Boat Decking Camo Sea Deck Boat Flooring Mat Non Slip Marine Floor Carpet Self-Adhesive DIY Trimmable Surfboard Traction Pad Kayak Yacht RV Flooring Swim Platform Pad ( 94.5"x23.62" )

This is both functional and helps make your boat uniquely your own. The design is simple and installing it is quick and easy. A wet boat floor can be slippery, causing it to be hazardous. This foam helps absorb excess water, is easy to clean, and will allow you greater traction when entering and exiting the boat, as well as when you need to stand.


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